Last month Jackie Wainwright celebrated an incredible 40 years of service at Boardlink. As Account Manager, Jackie has played an integral part in the business over the last four decades. Showing no sign of getting tired of us just yet, here she takes time out of her busy schedule to talk through what Boardlink means to her and how the business has evolved over the years:


When did you first start working at Boardlink?
“I started working at Boardlink on 7th April 1977. I attended an interview and was asked then and there ‘can you start today?’… I’ve never looked back!
I was a receptionist for a few years, before going to work in the Accounts and Wages department and then the Transport department. Now I am back in Accounts as an Account Manager, where I manage the finance function back office system.”


What do you enjoy most about working at Boardlink?
“The people at Boardlink really make it for me and I work with a great group. We’re only a small team in my immediate office, but it works and I’ve made friends for life working here, not to mention meeting my husband.”


How much has Boardlink changed over the last 40 years?
“The biggest change was the Lyon family taking over the business in 2007, which has led to some extremely exciting changes and growth, however, the close knit and hard-working ethos remains the same, just on a much larger scale.”


Which area of the business do you find the most interesting?
“My accounts work, although some of the factory processes are really interesting too. There are many exciting processes that the finished product goes through. Out teams are extremely talented and it’s exciting to know that a reel going out can be made into anything from some in store POS to a cornflake box!”


What do you see for the future of the business?
“The business is already going through an exciting period of change. This year alone we have rebrand to Boardlink, consolidating a number of separate businesses. Although people can be resilient to change, this is without doubt the best thing for the businesses and is already proving to be a fantastic step in the right direction.”


Jackie’s celebration is just one of three that we will be celebrating at Boardlink this year and they come at a brilliant time in the history of the company as we celebrate our 50th anniversary year.